Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shew-sical Entertainment Services continues to grow in the Frederick, Walkersville, Middletown, Hagerstown, and other markets. We are always getting requests for music from "non music" websites. It always makes me worry a little when part of a client's special requests are not "standard" versions of songs. We try to be as well prepared as possible, and as long as we have a way to connect to the internet all is good. That being said, when something is exclusive to only certain sites or sources.... Well, I think you get the picture. It is fun for us to see the different, unique versions of songs, regardless of the location. Music, and the way it moves people, keeps us in love with our job! Being able to get these "special songs" is also one of the things that helps Shew-sical Entertainment personalize your event, and ultimately keeps our clients coming back for repeat business.

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